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‘Furry art’ and its art lovers

By Lizzie CzerninichAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Furry art has captured the imagination of a new generation of fans and art lovers who believe the furry characters of the Disney movie “Frozen” are real, and are embracing the furry art movement that’s taken over the furry fandom in the U.S.

A new wave of fursuits from Disney’s blockbuster animated movie “The Little Mermaid” and from the animated television series “The Legend of Korra” are bringing fursuit fans and artists from around the world together for a week of art and fursuiting at a gallery in Washington.

The “Furry Art” series has drawn attention from artists in the United States, and it’s growing rapidly in popularity in Canada.

The Disney-owned studio Disney is developing a new animated series based on the movie “Cinderella.”

The artist who designed the Furry Art series is Kristin Buehler, a Vancouver-based artist who also designed a series of furries and other works for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” a television series from Lucasfilm.

The exhibition is in its third year.

There are more than 30 artists who have worked on the series, according to the Disney Artists & Artisans Association.

Some are from outside the furry community, while others are furry fans who are part of the fandom.

Artists have been known to travel to New York and Los Angeles to promote their work.

“This is an opportunity for us to show people who we are and what we are, and for them to experience what this is all about,” said Lizzia Buell, the exhibition’s curator.

“Furries are not only a very special group, but also a very diverse group,” Buella said.

“We’ve had artists from the U, UK, Australia, and even countries all over the world who are involved in this.”

The Disney Artists and Artisans Associations is the umbrella organization for the furry arts and crafts industry in the country.

It’s a group that’s made a name for itself in the past year by hosting a show called “Furry Art 101” that draws from an extensive catalog of fandoms.

Furism is an umbrella term for the belief that humans and animals share the same innate intelligence.

It originated in Europe and has spread around the globe, with thousands of furry groups and individuals gathering to share their stories.

Many of the furry artists say the Disney show is the best way to bring people together.

Buell said the theme for the series is “Fury in the Night,” and there are furs in the exhibit.

It includes furs from a variety of different cultures, ranging from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

Some furs will be dressed up and pose for photographs with fans, while some will be wearing the masks of their favorite furs.

The exhibit also features work by artists like Dany Garcia, who is from New York City and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

She created the art that’s displayed in the exhibition.

Garcia, 29, said she’s always been interested in furs, but never imagined that her art would have such an impact.

She said she was inspired to do “The Furry Arts” by her mother, who was a fur collector in Japan.

“She always wanted to see the world, but she always wanted a furry,” Garcia said.

She said the furs were her first inspiration for creating the art, and the show is her way to get her mom involved.

“It’s about sharing my passion and my appreciation of the art,” she said.

Artist Nicka Buello, 30, is a Toronto-based designer who’s drawn furs and works with children.

She’s a member of the “FURRY ART” group.

Buesllo said she sees the show as a way to reach new audiences and bring people from all walks of life together.

She described it as a place where you can meet furs to talk about the things they love and the things that fascinate them.

“We’re showing them what they can do with their own art,” Buesllo explained.

“This is a place for people to meet fur and come together to see what’s really out there.”

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