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African American artist garfunkella wins prestigious prize

AUSTRALIAN artist Garfunkel won the 2016 World Paintings Competition in New York.

He won for his paintings of African American women and their friends.

Garfunkels latest piece of art is called “African American Girls in a Black Dress”.

It depicts four young girls in a black dress and a pink bow.

The girls are talking to each other in a small circle.

Garfunkel’s artworks can be seen on the wall of the exhibition hall in the exhibition halls museum, which is called African American Art: The World of Garfunkels.

Garfikal is the daughter of Nigerian-born Nigerian artist Paul Garfunkee, who died in 2003.

Garfikals most famous work is a series of black-and-white photographs depicting the lives of three African American girls in the 1950s.

Garafikal also won a World Prize in 2010 for her paintings of a white man and two women in a white dress.

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