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What Banksy would say about his new book, Banksy’s Last Days

Banksy, the graffiti artist known for his art, has died.

The artist, born Brian James Banksy in Greenwich Village, New York, was 74.

He died Sunday night, the National Museum of Art said.

His wife, Alice, said he had cancer.

He was in hospice care at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Brooklyn.

He had a daughter, Tania, 20, from a previous marriage.

He lived in the same neighborhood as the late singer and actor Prince and his mother, Dorothy Banksy.

He died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, the museum said.

“He was a tireless collaborator who was committed to bringing awareness to a subject that had long been overlooked,” the museum’s director of collections, Anne Wysong, said in a statement.

“The work we did together was deeply personal and was a testament to his unique ability to capture the spirit of a place and an artist.”

A collection of Banksy paintings hangs in the museum, and the museum offers a free online gallery of some of his work.

A video from his upcoming solo exhibition, “The Banksy Story,” will be available at the museum beginning Monday.

“Banksy’s work has been used in a multitude of ways, but none as significant as his work on the street,” the video’s director, Jessica Lipp, said.

In the video, Banksys mother, whose name is unknown, describes her son as a child who “was just born in the world.”

“I saw a man, I saw a son who was born to die,” she said.

Banksy lived in Greenwich, New Jersey, for about a decade, and his work often reflected his place in the city.

He often painted murals around the city, including one depicting a young boy playing a guitar in a neighborhood called “The Wild Side,” a nickname he gave to the East Village.

“We’ve been doing it since the mid-19th century and we’re still doing it,” Banksy told The New York Times in 2001.

“There are still kids playing guitar on a street, there are still street kids playing in the park.”

Banksys last-ditch effort was to create a mural in front of a building that housed a high school.

Bands including the Talking Heads, the Talking Points and the Kinks all used the street to play.

His work has a more contemporary look, but his signature style remains a popular one.

The exhibition “The Artist” at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., opens May 31.

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