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The most stunning aquarium in Australia

Australia’s most spectacular aquarium, the Rainbow River, is in the middle of a big renovation.

It’s a fitting tribute to the state’s indigenous population, who have long called for more attention to the waters and wildlife that dot their land.

The Rainbow River is home to more than 1,000 species of fish, including bluefish, herring and sea urchins.

The new aquarium is being built on land on the south-east corner of the River, between the city of Newcastle and the towns of Warkworth and Glenfield.

It was built to attract tourists to the region, but the work is being driven by a strong desire to keep the river clean and attract visitors to the park.

Aquatic artist Tom Smith has designed and built the new facility.

It features large, flowing waterfalls and cascading waterfalls, with a view of the Rainbow river from the waterworks.

It has been designed with conservation in mind, with new rock formations carved into the rocks.

The facility is a large, beautiful place and it’s also home to some of Australia’s rarest fish species.

“The Rainbow is really unique in that there are so many fish species that are only found in the Rainbow,” said Ms Smith.

“It’s such a unique and unique ecosystem, it’s a wonderland and you just want to see it.”

The Rainbow was once home to an estimated 20,000 native fish, with more than 10,000 fish caught every year in a tank.

“We’re building it as a showcase to show what’s happening and to educate people about the diversity of fish in this region,” Ms Smith said.

“And to be able to bring in some of those species, as a sort of showcase to the locals, to show the people that there’s something for them to enjoy, that there is a way to live and enjoy this beautiful natural resource.”

The project has also been a huge success for the Rainbow’s tourism industry.

“There’s a lot of money going into the water, we’ve had people coming up to the banks of the river and they’re so excited,” Ms Tait said.

The river is currently closed to visitors until the renovations are completed, but Mr Smith hopes to reopen it in the near future.

“I really hope we can bring it back, and I hope it can be a real, genuine attraction for people and we can see it in a different way,” he said.


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