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Star Wars: Art at Chicago Art Museum opens up to the public

The next generation of Star Wars fans is finally getting to see the iconic art collection from the beloved franchise, and the Chicago Art Museums newest addition is no exception.

The museum will open its doors to the general public on Thursday, March 6th at 9am and close at 9pm.

The show will include original artworks, original paintings, and new artworks that will be displayed in an interactive space.

The collection will be available for free to anyone who can come to the museum, but some of the pieces will cost more.

The art will be free for anyone who has the means to purchase it.

There are more than 30 pieces of art that will go on display including a replica of the Millennium Falcon from the first film, as well as the first images from the films original trilogy and prequel trilogy.

The display will be open for up to four hours each day, and you can also find free tours and guided tours available for $5 a head.

“We wanted to create an experience that would be both exciting and informative for anyone looking for an opportunity to explore Star Wars art,” museum director Scott Rupp said in a statement.

“This exhibition will be the first time the collection has been available for public consumption, and it is going to be an eye-opener for people who have never had the opportunity to see these iconic pieces of our beloved Star Wars universe before.”

Check out the full details below:

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