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How to use reddit in Africa

How to make a Reddit account, and then use it.

I will cover the basics and some tips.

The rules are pretty simple, but I will show you how to make some of the most basic ones.

The first rule is to create a Reddit.com account.

This will be your primary account, so you will be able to sign in, read, and vote on posts.

The second rule is that you cannot create a new account on Reddit.

Be careful about what you do.

You cannot create an account that has your email address or your password.

You can only create a reddit account if you are signed in with the same username as your real Reddit account.

To get the most out of this, it is wise to use a secure browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera) so you can log in with your real email address.

The third rule is not to create new accounts.

Use your real Facebook or Twitter account for your posts.

Make sure to use the same email address you used to create your account.

Make your account a real Reddit user.

Your name and password should be the same as your Reddit username.

For example, if you were a regular user of /r, you would have a username like r/r.

The final rule is make sure you are logged in to your Reddit account at least once a day.

You must be logged in for your profile to appear in the subreddit sidebar.

The next few tips will explain how to customize your account and how to vote on new posts.

What to do in your Reddit Account settings You must create a subreddit account before you can use it in your real account.

You need to create one with your Reddit Username and password.

For most people, this is already done in their real Reddit username and password, and this is the account they create for themselves on Reddit for their posts.

However, if the user doesn’t have a Reddit username or password, they can use their Google account or Twitter handle to create an anonymous account.

That account is called an “inactive account.”

When the user logs out of their Google accounts, their inactive account will be deleted and the inactive account with that username will be used in the default subreddit settings.

Make a list of all your posts, which is what you want to do.

That list is called a “subreddit profile.”

You can see all your Reddit posts in your account profile, and you can change them from there.

You don’t need to change your profile if you don’t want to.

For instance, if your real name is your username, you can’t change it.

But if you want people to know you are a real person, you should have a Google or Facebook profile.

In the sidebar of your account, there should be a list called “topics.”

Each topic should be divided into posts that you can vote on.

Each post has a description, a title, and an image that you should share with your friends and followers.

To change the post title, you will have to click on the + icon in the upper right corner.

To add an image to a post, you need to click the + symbol on the top right corner of the image.

You will have a choice of either adding a link or adding an image.

If you want your posts to be posted to the top of the front page, click on it and choose “top.”

If you don, the post will be shown on the bottom of the page.

To remove a post from the top or bottom of your sidebar, click the “x” button next to it.

To edit a post that you have already posted, click it and you will see an option to “delete.”

The “delete” button will take you to the bottom or top of your profile.

You do not need to do anything to your profile for you to see your posts and vote them up or down.

You are now logged in.

You should log out of your Google accounts to be able make changes to your account settings.

If your account is not active, you cannot change any of the settings.

In addition, you may not be able access your Google account until you are back in your Google home page.

You may be able edit your settings at any time, but this will not affect your Reddit settings.

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