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How to Be an Art Lover in 2016

When I was about 12, my dad and I went to the mall to get a few things.

My dad loved movies, and I loved cartoons, so he bought us all those DVDs and bought me all the new ones.

And then, after that, we went to our local mall and picked up some new stuff.

I think he was like, “You can buy a $1,000 pair of sneakers and a $500 watch.”

And I was like: “You guys, what the fuck do you have to do to buy me a $3,000 watch?”

And he said, “No, we’re not going to buy you anything.

We’re just going to take it home and show you what it looks like.”

I’m like, I don’t know.

But I knew that I wanted one of those things.

And my dad bought me a pair of the $500 pairs of shoes.

And I’m now a $5,000 fan of those shoes.

I’m not going back to my old shoes.

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