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A new genre of art and craft is being developed for young Australians

A new generation of artists and craftsmen is being introduced to the Australian craft community by the country’s first contemporary juice wrld arts and crafts venue.

The new juice wrlld art and crafts event is taking place in Brisbane’s North East on November 10, at the new Melbourne City Centre Hotel.

A selection of artists are expected to be on display, alongside a selection of food vendors and live entertainment.

In the city’s CBD, the event will feature artworks, fine art and other creative forms that take inspiration from the Victorian era.

It will be the first such event in Australia to feature a contemporary juice wren arts and craft venue, and will be open to the public.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase some of our most iconic works of art, to share with the public, and it’s also going to be an opportunity for a lot of people to learn and to develop new skills,” Ms Foy said.

Ms Foy says the event has the potential to be a cultural asset for Brisbane.

She said the venue will provide a venue for budding artists to showcase their work, to learn about different arts and to network.

Key points:The event is being run by Juice wrlled, a Melbourne-based company with a strong following in the Victorian craft communityThe venue will host a range of events for attendeesThe venue is also expected to host live music and a range in food vendorsThe venue was founded by a group of friends in Melbourne, with Ms Foys having been in the city for more than a decade, working in the local film and entertainment industry.

“I was living here and I was always looking for ways to help support local artists and craft shops,” Ms Ting said.

“So Juice wrld was a natural choice to create a venue and to do the juice wrls, and then to develop the brand, which has been the reason for my time here.”

The venue has attracted artists from all over the world, with artists from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries coming together to create their own works.

“There are a lot more talented people from different countries here in Australia than ever before,” Ms Hock said. 

“The venue offers a very diverse array of work and the range of the artists and the artists are creating a new art form here in Melbourne.”

Ms Foys said the festival will provide opportunities for young artists to develop their craft skills, and for the community to learn more about the craft and the history of the Victorian period.

 “I think this is a great opportunity for people to come and learn about what we’re all about, to make art,” she said.

Ms Ting has a range at the venue, including a number of prints and acrylics, and also works from local artists.

Mr Hock has created his own work, which he said is a celebration of the history and the arts of the area.

He has a number, including one of his paintings, “A Great Leap Forward”, which is on view for a week from November 12.

“The art is beautiful and the way he’s painting it is very special,” Ms Mowen said.

The festival has a strong focus on Australian Indigenous art, and is a way for people from across the country to share their knowledge and experiences, Ms Tingle said.

It’s also been designed to promote Australian-style food and craft, which is the theme of the event, with food vendors offering a variety of food to attendees.

The venue also hosts a range to showcase the diversity of the Australian art scene, with artworks from across Melbourne, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

“It is a place where we can all come together and talk about the art and our community, and the things that we love to do in our home,” Ms Dorn said.

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