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What’s happening in the metal wall art world of commedia dill arte

The commedia dal art gallery is celebrating its centenary, and this year they’ve got a few new pieces up their sleeve.

A couple of years ago the art gallery hosted a metal wall exhibition at the old Della Carita, a space used by the city’s pre-war jewellery merchants.

The metal wall was created by artist Giuseppe Della Croce in the 1930s, with the space filled with antique mirrors, mirrors and other items.

“It was an exhibition of art, but we didn’t have much time to do it.

We had to finish it in one day,” said curator Maria Sampaio, speaking at the opening of Commedia dalam art gallery, in Rome.

Commedia dilla arte’s new installation, a wall of silver mirrors, was a collaboration with local metal wall artist, Giovanni Giacometti.

Giacoste says the work “is a beautiful piece of art that will be exhibited at the museum, in the next few weeks”.

Giacomelli, a native of Italy, moved to Rome in 1992, and has worked in the art world ever since.

“I wanted to be an artist because I wanted to make a difference, I wanted people to see things differently.

I wanted a place where people could go, without feeling ashamed to look at it,” he said.

The installation, called ‘Vivaldi’, is now being displayed at the gallery.

“When I started, I only thought of art as a hobby.

But when I got a chance to meet people, they became very important to me.

They are the ones who helped me to realise my ideas,” said Giacombelli.

“And so I have decided to do something more serious, which will be my goal.”

He has been creating art for almost three decades.

Giachetto’s work is inspired by the iconic Roman artist.

“In the same way that Giacchio painted the bridge of the bridge, Vivaldi painted the mirror of the city.

It is the city that is reflected in his paintings,” said Sampaito.

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