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The Art of Not Being Artistic

Art and culture has become a hot topic in Washington this year, with President Trump’s administration and the Republican Party making bold calls to remove statues of Confederate soldiers and others from public spaces and museums.

It’s no surprise, then, that many art museums are struggling to keep up.

Here are 10 ways art is in danger of disappearing from the U.S. This year, the Art Museum of Washington D.C. has already been the target of two violent assaults and is also on the brink of losing its beloved mural.

In May, an artist, an anti-racist artist and two police officers attacked the museum and damaged a large mural in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Northwest Washington.

The Art Institute of Chicago is also under attack, and a federal judge has ordered that the museum’s walls must be completely rebuilt.

While the Art Institute has a strong following among students, critics and even some who are not art critics, the mural in question, titled “Crazy Fingers,” was taken down in June after more than two years of debate over whether the mural was appropriate to hang in a public space.

It was removed because it depicts a racist symbol of the Confederacy.

As of now, the museum has only two murals that depict Confederate soldiers, one depicting an American flag flying high and another depicting a Confederate soldier in a trench coat.

In February, the artist, who was also known as the “Man of the House,” was sentenced to 30 months in prison for attempting to destroy a Confederate flag and a plaque that showed a photograph of a young woman who was killed during the American Civil War.

His trial is scheduled to begin on March 3.

The two other attacks took place on July 1 and Aug. 22.

A mural in the front of Mount Vernon’s Historic District that depicts the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Movement and the Nazis was defaced by two men who attacked it with crowbars and crowbars, and the artist was charged with felony vandalism.

The mural was painted by the artist’s nephew, who worked on the mural for the last 10 years, according to the Mount Vernon Post.

On the day of the first attack, he told The Post that he was upset that his work was vandalized and wanted to show his support for the artists.

The artists who were arrested were not the only ones to be targeted.

On Aug. 24, a mural depicting an African-American man with his head shaved and holding a Confederate battle flag was vandalised by two black men who broke into a car outside the museum, according the Chicago Tribune.

Both the victims were identified as Joshua Pimentel and Tyler Thompson, and Pimento was sentenced on Aug. 25 to 30 days in prison and Thompson received a 10-month prison sentence.

The vandalism was the latest in a series of attacks on artworks at the museum.

In September, a statue of a Confederate General and a depiction of the Confederate flag were defaced at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

In October, a painting by a woman, known only as Ms. Williams, was stolen in an act of vandalism at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The National Park Service recently issued a safety advisory, which included warning against taking pictures or videos of the defaced murals.

While museums are not the first to have been targeted in recent years, they are the most frequent.

Last year, The New York Times reported that “as many as 20” museums in the U,S.

have been damaged in attacks by white supremacists.

The art world is no different.

In 2016, the U of Texas’ National Gallery of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art were vandalized, the latter two by members of a white supremacist group.

And in February, a graffiti-covered wall at the Museum Victoria in Australia was spray painted with the words “Kill whitey.”

In both cases, the artists responsible were not charged.

While attacks against museums and artworks in general are rare, attacks against art in particular are common.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City had its front door smashed, and graffiti covering a painting depicting the Virgin Mary and other figures was painted on a wall in the museum in 2017.

In 2017, a white nationalist group spray painted a swastika and a swastikas symbol on the walls of the Smithsonian, the Los Gatos Museum of Contemporary Art, the London School of Economics, the Metropolitan Museum of London and the Art Gallery of New York.

The vandalized murals at the Washington Art Museum and the Washington National Cathedral were damaged in 2015, and in 2015 graffiti covered a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

In April, a man with a machete attacked a group of women at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

The attacker, James Alex Fields Jr., was charged in the attack.

Fields had previously been convicted in 2015 of misdemeanor assault and battery for attacking a woman at a concert and later assaulting another woman, according news reports.

Fields also faced charges of driving under

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