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How to be an Italian in a country where everyone speaks the same language

Posted June 23, 2019 13:31:27 Italian-speaking people have become the latest victims of a wave of violent attacks that have left one Italian teacher dead, three others injured and another wounded.

The violence erupted in Rome last night when masked men attacked two of the city’s public transport stations.

It’s not yet clear who carried out the attack, but Italian news agency ANSA reports that the masked attackers targeted two public transport systems near the Colosseum, the historic Roman Forum.

Italian police are investigating the attack.

The attack on the Colossiuses main public transport system was also linked to another, unrelated attack on a train station in Milan.

The first attack in the country has left at least three people dead and several injured, while another four were treated for shock at a hospital.

Police say the men used machetes to cut off the heads of the victims before dragging them away in the back of a car.

The attacks came as the Italian government called for a national day of mourning on Friday, which will be marked by a mass prayer service and a carnival-style procession through Rome.

A large crowd gathered outside the Colossal statue of the Roman emperor, which sits on the city streets.

“The day is called today for all Italians to show solidarity with the victims, their families and the whole of Italy,” Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said.

The Italian government has said the attacks were “sabotage” and a terrorist attack.

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