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Why did Roberto Mancini choose to keep the shirt?

By Football Italian staff The Italian coach has taken a different approach to the shirt he wore during his first stint at Juventus, preferring to keep it under wraps for the moment.

As part of his preparations for the upcoming Serie A season, the former Atalanta boss decided to keep his shirt hidden from the media.

The Italian press has been given the opportunity to witness the shirt being worn by Mancinis team-mates, with the media being permitted access to the locker room during pre-season training.

“It’s important for the team to know who is wearing the shirt and it’s important to know when to show it,” the head coach told a press conference.

“We had to have the players to give the instructions.

I don’t have any special instructions.

It’s important we don’t show too much.

The shirt is just to show the players that it’s us.”

It’s a unique way of doing things, given the importance of dressing well.

The player who has had the most influence on the shirt’s design has been the former Juventus coach, Roberto Mazzini, who has worn the shirt every time he has played at the Stadio Olimpico.

The shirt has always been the favourite of Mancinos teammates, with many wearing the number 22.

The number 21 is also worn by the team’s captain and is considered by many as a tribute to the Italian legend.

“This is the shirt of a legend,” the coach said.

“He always wore it.

It means he’s a great player, a great teammate, a fantastic person.

I love that shirt.”

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