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Which cities have the best art galleries?

In the United States, Portland, Oregon, is a hub of the arts, with a strong art scene.

But it’s also the place to be if you’re looking to make a name for yourself. 

Here are the best places to go in the United State.1.

The Portland Art Museum Portland’s museum and gallery have the largest collection of contemporary art in the country, which is a plus when you’re considering buying a piece of art.

The museum’s collection is extensive, and the city boasts the largest concentration of contemporary artists in the U.S.2. 

Portland Art Gallery (PAM) Portland, Oregon is home to the largest contemporary art collection in the world, and is also one of the most beautiful places in the nation to visit.

The Art Gallery is home in part to Portland’s most renowned contemporary artists and is home of the Portland Contemporary Arts Festival, which showcases some of the city’s most prominent contemporary artists.3. 

The Portland Art Gallery of Portland (PAPPG) PAPEG is the oldest and largest gallery in the state, and features the most amazing works of art in Oregon.

It’s also home to a collection of modern art as well, which will leave you with a pretty full canvas.4. 

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Art Columbias Graduate School is home for some of America’s most talented contemporary art students.

The school is home and training to many top artists.

One of the best things about Columbia is that they offer the full graduate program, which means you can work with the most talented students in the industry and gain experience that will last you a lifetime.5. 

Museum of Contemporary Art MICA is one of Americas oldest and biggest museums, and it’s one of your most important places to find art.

It houses over 1,000 works by over 1 million artists, and its collections are as varied as its students.6. 

Discovery Art Gallery The Discovery Art Gallery hosts a huge collection of art that’s unique to Portland.

It has one of Portland’s largest contemporary and modern art collections, as well as some of Portlands most renowned artists, like artist David Choe.7. 

Paintings on the Lake Located in the heart of downtown Portland, the Paintings on Lake offers a wealth of art, from fine art to oil paintings to photography.

It also hosts a museum, museum of photography, and art and design exhibits.8. 

St. Mary’s University The St. Marys University is a large public college that serves more than 100,000 students and is a major research university.

It was founded in 1611 and has a rich collection of fine arts, including fine jewelry and other precious metals.9. 

Tulsa City Arts Center Tuscaloosa, Oklahoma is home the Tulsa City Arts and Culture Center, which has the largest art collection of any downtown Tulsa museum.

It features a large collection of more than 10,000 pieces of art from around the world.10. 

Lighthouse Art Museum of America This museum, located in Miami, Florida, houses more than 1,500 works by more than 80 artists.

It is home-grown, and offers classes for all levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced.11. 

Cedar Grove Art Museum and Art Center Called the “City of Art,” Cedar Grove has a wealth and variety of art collections.

Located in St. Louis, it’s home to several fine art galleries, including the Cedar Grove Contemporary Art Museum.12. 

University of Michigan The University of Michigan has a number of great museums, including The Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Institute at New York.

They’re also home for the largest and most varied collection of American and international contemporary art, including works by prominent artists such as Pablo Picasso and Michael Cimino.13. Woodstock This is a great place to spend a few hours hanging out with friends and family, and you can find a variety of live performances, too.

Woodstock is located in downtown Chicago, which features live music venues.14. 

Kelsey-Watson Gallery Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Kelsey-Matson Gallery hosts numerous fine art exhibitions and events.

It hosts a number national and international exhibitions and performances, including an annual exhibition of the New York Public Library’s collection of over 100,00 works of contemporary American and contemporary British art.15. 

Art Museum of Oklahoma City The Art Museum is a huge and diverse collection of work by local artists and institutions.

It holds several exhibitions a year, including a series on Oklahoma City’s art scene, and has more than 60 art exhibitions a month.16. 

New York City Art Museum   The New York City Museum is home not only to the citys largest collection, but also has a large number of works by artists from around Manhattan.17.

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