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Trump praises ‘inspirational’ book of poems, and gets a book deal

By LIZ HURLEYMAGIC IN NEW YORK — A book of poetry about a young woman who becomes an inspiration to young women will hit bookstores and online stores in the coming weeks, the White House said Tuesday.

The “The First Women,” by poet Elizabeth Alexander, will be a collection of “an extraordinary array of works” that will be distributed across the president’s family and personal collections, according to the White White House.

Alexander is a former chief of staff to President Donald Trump who was nominated by the president for a prestigious U.S. Senate seat.

She also is a poet, and she wrote “I Can’t Believe We’re Still Here,” a poem about being told that you are too old to have kids.

She has a book out that includes a poem that tells a story about the importance of staying young in the era of Trump, the president said in a news conference.

“I believe we’re on the cusp of a golden age of storytelling,” Alexander said.

“This is the first time we’re seeing a poet writing about women, a poet that’s written about women who have been elected to public office, and we are in this moment of extraordinary change.”

President Trump is one of the best-known poets in the world, and a book about him is a new chapter in the nation’s literary canon, said Richard G. Schmitt, the author of “The Last Words: The Life of Donald Trump.”

“This book will give the world a treasure trove of stories that will help us understand how to make history,” Schmitt said.

Alexander’s memoir, “The President’s Voice,” is set in the early 1960s, when the U.N. is considering the ratification of the Paris Peace Agreements.

The book is about a man named Joe who has a “first name,” and is a kind of symbol of hope for the country.

The president is also a poet.

Alexander’s story has been told before.

In her memoir, she wrote about the time she was working as a teacher and her son, who is a freshman in college, asked her about the president.

“He was asking me why he could never be the president,” she said.

“The President of the United States has become a symbol of strength, hope and hope,” Alexander wrote.

“You are no longer the only woman in the room.

We all have a voice.”

Alexander is not a politician, and her book focuses on a woman’s place in the political arena, Schmitt added.

The book will not be a memoir of the president, but a portrait of a woman.

“We’re seeing women who are doing extraordinary things,” Schimpt said.

Schmitt said Alexander is not the only one writing about the country’s first female president.

In a 2016 book, she told the story of how a woman was elected to Congress in Louisiana and then became a member of the House of Representatives.

“A woman was the first woman to serve as a member in Congress, and that was a feat,” Schumann said.

She has written books about the presidents sons, including the bestseller “I Am President Trump: A Woman and My Presidency.”

In addition to her memoir and book, Alexander will appear in a television documentary on the first lady that will air later this year.

The show will include interviews with the first ladies daughters and other family members.

The first book of “the First Women” is due out this fall, and it will be available in the United Kingdom, Schumann added.

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