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The art world is getting ready for metal art’s comeback

Metal art is poised to return, and it’s coming with a whole new aesthetic, one that is taking inspiration from hip-hop, punk and progressive metal.

The new genre is being called “futuristic metal,” a term that is popular in the music industry but which has gained traction online.

The term “furry metal” also emerged from the genre and is being used in the same vein as hip-hoppy metal.

As the term “metal art” suggests, it is about art that takes place in an environment that is fantastical, a theme that has been an integral part of the metal subculture since the 1980s.

In an interview with Metal Hammer, frontman and producer Scott “The Metal” Gorman discussed the genre, its origins and how it’s likely to evolve.

“Metal art has always been something I’ve been looking for,” he said.

“I was very interested in making art that would be fun, interesting, and just something that was going to surprise you.

That’s what I wanted to do.

It wasn’t just going to be something that you could put on your website.

I wanted something that I could actually do.”

“Futuristic Metal” is an idea that Gorman has been working on for a long time, starting with his own musical project, “The Art of Futuristic Music,” which debuted on the label Soundcloud in 2016.

The album went on to garner a solid amount of attention on Soundcloud and spawned a full-length album, “FUTURISTIC METAL,” released in 2019.

Gorman also co-produced the music video for the band’s debut single “Aurora” with rapper D.R.A.M. “It’s been very enjoyable to be a part of this project,” he explained.

“In terms of the music, I think it was a really fun thing to work on with Scott, who has a ton of experience in this genre.

It was something that he really helped me with.

I’ve known Scott for a while, and we’ve been collaborating together on this project.

He’s really helped build a lot of this material.””

It’s like a lot, it’s an amalgam of all the genres,” he continued.

“This is a fusion of hip-hip, punk, and metal.

I mean, it definitely has that kind of vibe.

It’s a combination of genres, but there’s also an interesting juxtaposition that I think really resonates with a lot people.

I think that’s what the art is all about.

It brings people together.

It just feels so great to be able to make something that everyone can enjoy.”

“I think there’s a really interesting and interesting place for that kind, really weird, futuristic metal,” Gorman added.

“There’s a lot to it, and that’s why it’s so fun.

I love creating something like this.

I want people to go, ‘Wow, what a cool idea, this is just such a perfect blend of all these different things.’

I think this is what I love about this art, and I think the people that are going to like it, are going in a completely different direction.”

“It was really fun, because I think Scott is the first artist that’s done a fusion album that was actually like an album,” he added.

I was very, very fortunate that I had this opportunity to do that, and he’s the first person that’s taken a step and really made it a hybrid of all those different genres.

“Futsurism Metal” has already garnered a huge amount of positive attention from fans.

On Facebook, Gorman received a huge number of likes and shares, and several videos have been shared by fans of the band.

As of now, it has over 1.4 million likes on SoundCloud, which is quite an impressive number considering the album is almost a full year old.

Gomman also noted that the album’s sound is also incredibly similar to that of a lot the bands in his music scene, something that Gommans team was able to replicate with their own music.

“We’ve all been into metal and pop music, and the thing that really appeals to us is the pop sound.

It kind of feels like a more abstract sound.

The weird thing is that metal bands that I really like are also influenced by pop music.

There’s a whole genre of heavy metal music that we really like, but we didn’t get that from pop music,” he admitted.

“They’re not scared to go into new directions. “

What makes this band unique is that they’re not afraid to go for a different sound,” he noted.

“They’re not scared to go into new directions.

They’re just kind of willing to experiment.

It gives us a lot more freedom to do what we want.”

“This album is about a fusion between the metal and the pop sounds,” Gommany added.

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