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Phoenix Art Museum to close due to art collection loss

Phoenix Art Gallery will close on Saturday due to a shortage of funds and staff.

The art museum was one of the oldest continuously operating art museums in the country and one of several galleries in the United States to close.

It will close the first day of September after an art auction was held there last weekend, the Phoenix Business Journal reported.

“The Phoenix Art Foundation has been unable to maintain the necessary funds to keep up with the mounting demand for our fine art collections and staff,” said an emailed statement from the Phoenix Art Fund.

“We will need to raise additional funds to meet the needs of our artists and staff in the coming months.

We are looking for additional funding to meet these needs.”

The foundation’s website said it is looking for an “independent board” to manage its art collection.

The museum’s last remaining collection, including works by the likes of Ed Ruscha, Edward Hopper and Thomas Edison, was purchased by the Smithsonian Institution in 2011.

Art in the MuseumThe Phoenix Arts Fund is the second fund in the arts world to be liquidated by a fund manager, after the Chicago Art Museum was dissolved in March 2017.

The Chicago Art Fund was founded in 2000 by Chicago-based artist and activist Lisa Larson-Green.

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