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Milwaukee art museum to add pixel art minecarts to its collection


— Milwaukee’s art museum will add a new kind of art installation to its online exhibit, the Milwaukee Art Museum said Thursday.

The installation, called “Pixel Art Minecarts,” will be on display at the museum from Aug. 3 to Aug. 5.

The pixel art is a digital image that is created using a computer.

Artist John Leung created the concept in 2011 and created a small replica of the museum in his home to illustrate the museum’s new exhibit.

“The concept is simple: You create a digital version of your art collection and bring it to life, using the museum and the internet to connect and share ideas,” the museum said in a statement.

Pixel art is created by artists with a pixel art machine, which produces a 3D image that resembles a miniature of a pixel.

It was inspired by digital painting.

The project was a collaboration with a local artist and a computer-science professor.

A video showing the new installation can be seen at www.minneapolisartmuseum.org.

The museum has a virtual exhibit called “Milwaukee Art Museums” that includes more than 5,000 works of art.

The virtual exhibit is interactive, allowing visitors to browse through the museum.

The gallery will also be making some permanent additions to its digital art collection, including an interactive installation that will display some of the art that the museum acquired from the National Gallery of Art in 2011.

Museum officials said the virtual exhibit will be open for viewing for two months starting Aug. 4, with the gallery offering an alternative online experience.

In an interview, Leung said the museum plans to display its digital collection on its online museum, as well as a collection of original artwork.

The online exhibit will include digital prints, photographs and other works that the artist acquired while in Japan, according to the museum statement.

Leung, who is from Hong Kong, said the installation will be the first to include the digital world, and that it is an important moment for the museum to introduce the concept to the public.

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