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How to make your own Christmas wall art

A couple of months ago, we featured an article about how to make Christmas wall murals in the kitchen of your own home.

If you have never done this before, here are some tips to get you started.

Here are three simple tips to help you get started: 1.

You can use your paintbrush.

Most of the Christmas wall decorating tips I’ve seen use paints, but this time I’m going to suggest you paint your own.

Here’s how: 1) Get a paintbrush (the cheapest, by far, is about $5, but if you’re not a professional artist, I highly recommend this one, which has a brush holder that can hold up to six colors and four brushes).

2) Get some cardboard (the cheap ones you might find at a craft store, Walmart, or Target).

It’s pretty sturdy and lightweight.

3) Paint your walls.

This is really easy.

Put your paint brush on the top and bottom of the paintable wall.

It’s easiest to use a paint gun, which is a little harder to work with.

(You’ll probably want to experiment with different paint colors, since you can’t see where the paint will go.)

You’ll probably need to paint a few different colors to get your desired effect.

For this project, I chose a white-colored paint for the bottom, and a dark-colored one for the top.

Once you have your wall paint, you’ll need to carefully trim the sides and corners.

(Don’t worry if your wall is a bit messy at this point, it’s easy to clean up.)

I used my kitchen knife to make sure the corners of the painted walls were centered on the table.

Once I had those trim pieces on, I was done!

Next, I added some Christmas lights to each corner.

The easiest way to make a Christmas wall mural is to create a small window from the bottom of a small box.

If I paint each side of the window, the windows will be the same height.

I like to paint the sides of the box dark and use a black paintbrush to make it a little less obvious where the light will come from.

(To create the window on the left, I painted the window with a dark gray and white paint.)

After you’ve done that, you can paint the windows onto the other side of your wall.

(I used a black and white spray paint on the window.

I then used the other black paint on a red paintbrush and sprayed the red paint into the window.)

To add the decorations, I used a small piece of tin foil to line up the corners.

Next, paint a Christmas tree or other tree ornament on the wall.

I used red and white acrylic paint to create this design.

Then I added an entire tree and attached it to the top of the tree with a little stick of ribbon.

Here I painted it red and yellow and attached the ribbon with red, white, and black paint.

The ribbon was so intricate that I had to trim it back before I finished.

After that, I attached a tiny tree to the bottom.

Here, I started with the red and brown acrylic paint and made it a bit more festive.

(Note: I didn’t paint the entire tree with red paint, but the entire trunk is painted with it.)

I added a little snow to the sides, which makes it look like you’re sitting on a tree.

To add more light, I placed a few candles at the ends of the trees, making the decorations look even more festive and magical.

Once your decorations are done, you’re ready to decorate!

This is how the decorations looked once they were decorated.

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