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How to be an artist with the new ‘Polar Bear’ logo

The NHL is moving away from the polar bear logo for hockey gear.

The league announced on Wednesday that it is eliminating the iconic logo from all of its merchandise.

The NHL announced it was removing the polar bears logo from its clothing, jerseys, and other products on Wednesday and said the change was a way to modernize its branding.

“We are making this change to reflect our values and reflect our fans,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

“Our team and players have always played for one another and they know how important it is to support each other.”

The logo was first used by the New York Rangers in 1968 and the NHL in 1978.

“The hockey community is not only a big part of our fan base, but we’re also a global community.

We believe in a global team, and that’s what this change will help us achieve,” Bettman said.

Bettman said the league is looking to replace the polar hats and jerseys with “more reflective designs” that reflect “the diversity of the hockey fan experience.”

The NHL said the logo is not part of its brand portfolio and has been removed from all NHL merchandise, including jerseys, gloves, hats and headwear.

The NHL also will no longer offer the logo as a gift and will continue to sell hockey gear in its stores and online.

The NHL has already moved away from its polar bear image.

The logo was introduced in 1970 and was a common logo for the league.

Earlier this year, the NHL said it would be discontinuing its iconic logo for all NHL apparel and that it will now use the “Polar” seal as its primary branding element.

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