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Art and graffiti: Where to go in Brisbane

In the last four years, Brisbane has seen an explosion of graffiti and art installations in a city that has been slow to embrace the arts.

As a result, the city has a thriving scene of artists, designers and enthusiasts that have created a number of spectacular works of art.

These artists and designers have taken the city by storm.

A few years ago, there was the famous mural of two women kissing on the street, created by local artist Kate Jones, who has since been described as one of the world’s most influential artists.

Now, artists are turning to the street to celebrate their art, while some of Brisbane’s most famous artists, such as artist Nick Pappas, are making a name for themselves by collaborating with local businesses and performing at events.

In recent years, some of the city’s most acclaimed artists have been invited to perform at Brisbane’s major events, such the Brisbane Art Festival, the Brisbane Festival of the Arts and the National Arts Festival.

Artist Nick Pinnas in Brisbane’s CBD This year, artists including Nick Pappa, John Jones and Mark O’Connell will perform at the 2017 Brisbane Arts Festival in September.

The event is being staged at the Melbourne Town Hall and will see local artists and creative organisations collaborating with Brisbane City Council, as well as Brisbane City Government.

Nick Pappa has worked with local and international artists in the city, and his work has been featured in publications such as The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail and The Courier Sun.

John Jones and Andrew Stacey, two of Brisbanes most renowned graffiti artists, have worked with Brisbane’s art community for years, and are the subject of the best-selling book, The Art of Stacey.

While most of Brisbane City’s artworks are inspired by street art and urban design, the arts community is still making a mark.

Last year, a new gallery in the CBD opened, showcasing work by local artists, and the city also has the inaugural Brisbane Artist-in-Residence programme.

Since the art and design community has begun to take the city seriously, the City of Brisbane has also started to offer a number to the local artist community, including workshops and exhibitions.

Some of the Brisbane artists are working with the city government to make the city more inclusive of artists and encourage them to continue to do so.

The city has also opened the City Gallery to the public, which will open this year.

As well as these events, the Arts Council of Queensland is offering a number opportunities to local artists.

The Arts Council has opened a gallery of local artists to the community, and is offering an opportunity to perform locally in Brisbane, and will be showcasing local artists at events, as part of its arts outreach to the wider community.

For more information, visit the Brisbane Arts Council website.

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