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African Art: An Artist’s Journey of Empowerment

A video from the Smithsonian African Art Center, which features an African-American artist explaining why she chose to use a bowl as a palette in her painting, has gained more than 4 million views since it was posted on social media last week.

The video, titled “Doodle Painting,” which was made by photographer and artist Michael A. Mango, also features a conversation between the artist and a group of African American artists about the experience of using a bowl of water for the paint job.

“I’m not an artist, but I want to use water as an artistic medium.

I’m a sponge, I’m not a canvas,” Mango said in the video.

“I’m just trying to give people the perspective they need to have a good experience painting with water.”

Mango’s video was first posted to the Smithsonian’s African American Art Museum on Monday.

The group of artists, who included Mango’s sister and niece, shared their story on social sites.

Mandy Rolle, a member of the Smithsonian Asian Art Collection and a member in the African American Arts Center, shared her own story of finding inspiration in the art.

“One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen was when I was a child, sitting on the porch of my aunt’s house and I saw this beautiful painting that I didn’t know how to paint, and I just thought to myself, ‘This is so amazing, and this is what I want,'” Rollet said.

The Smithsonian African American art collection was founded in 1974, and the African-Americans share their work and history with the world.

Mango said he made the video to show the value of the African art that he has received since the Smithsonian opened its doors in 1974.

“To see it on this platform in the way it is, I think it’s really amazing,” Mulu said.

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