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Housewife paints flowers in her kitchen

Housewife Karen Williams painted a giant flower on her front yard to honor her late husband, a former Army Ranger.

Williams said the painting, which cost $4,000, was meant to honor him and the two of them.

“It’s kind of like a homage to him, it’s a tribute to the city we live in and the people that are here and the things that we love,” Williams said.

She added that the flower was done by a professional.

Williams painted the mural on her home in Westlake, California.

She said she was inspired by a painting of a man sitting on a bench outside the window of a nearby home, but her husband was shot to death in the line of duty in 2016.

A mural was also painted on a nearby fence.

The couple also owned a painting studio.

Williams said she thought it would be interesting to paint on her own yard, which she bought for $2,500 in January.

It is the first time she has painted her own home, she said.

She hopes the painting will serve as a symbol of peace.

“I want to bring peace and love back to our city, and I think that is something that I hope to do through this mural,” she said, adding that she was honored to be chosen to paint it.

Karen Williams says the painting was meant for her late son, former Ranger, James Williams.

 Williams says she painted a painting on her property in West Lake, California, in honor of her late brother, James.

They bought the home for $1,500 a piece.

Williams, a mother of four children, said the flowers were done by her son, James, a Navy veteran who was shot and killed in the lines of duty.

Her painting includes a giant red flower with a blue outline, as well as a white-and-yellow heart.

She also has two yellow roses and three yellow cactus plants, Williams said, with a flower garden on the property.

In addition to painting the flowers, Williams has painted dozens of other paintings around the city and has painted in a wide variety of media.

Williams is not the only one painting in the city’s history, which has a rich history.

On Oct. 15, 2010, two women painted a mural on the wall of a Los Angeles bar.

After the women had finished, one of the women, a model and a woman named Maria, who was also an artist, came up and said, “Oh, my God, we’re painting this mural!”

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