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All-Time Top 50 Art Trends in 2017

Bleacher, the world’s largest sports website, has compiled a list of 50 art trends to keep you entertained this summer.

The site’s list, based on data gathered by The Art Spot, features a mix of news, articles, and trends, and will continue to evolve throughout the summer as new content is released.

Check out the full list below.


New Wave: Aesthetic Design: A new wave of artists, artists, and visual art is taking shape in 2017.

From the pop-culture mash-up of the “Skeet Dog” and “The Simpsons” to the contemporary and post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie, it seems that the art world is embracing this new wave.

A growing number of artists are using digital art to showcase their work.

The list includes artists like Alex Ross, Emily Blythe, and Kate Nash.


More Cool Stuff: Artists like Paul Pfeiffer, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Koons have been pushing the envelope with their use of pop culture imagery and technology.

In the next few years, the internet and social media will allow more people to be part of the art scene.

The “Kanye West” video will be the first ever video to be digitally altered, and the first-ever collaboration between an artist and a popular music artist.


The Cooler Than Ever: More people are becoming familiar with the cool and cool stuff that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Art is a perfect vehicle for such cool and trendy imagery.

Artist Andy Smith, for example, uses his work to promote a new type of “cool” product.


Cooler Things to Come: The internet will continue expanding its reach, allowing more people and art to flourish.

There are already a slew of exciting new trends that are on the rise.

These include an increasing number of social media platforms, which allows artists to showcase and sell their work on a more personal level.


Coolest, Coolest: More and more artists are working in new and unexpected ways to connect with their audiences.

Artist Emily Blevins is an example of this.

She is creating “cool girl” art that makes you want to touch her hair.

Artists have been using art to connect to their audiences, but now they are using the art to make connections with their customers, too.


The Art of the Fading: The new wave has seen the rise of new art forms that are increasingly taking inspiration from a more modern aesthetic.

Artists are embracing digital art in a new and exciting way.

This trend is known as “art to frame,” and it has taken artists from art-school graduates to street artists to artists who have worked in the film industry.


The Next Art Movement: Digital art is not just a tool for artists to show their work to the world.

Artists use it to connect and connect with viewers, too, and they are finding new ways to create content for their audiences as well.


The New Cool: The “new cool” is a term coined by art professor Brian Wansink that describes art that is new and innovative.

These are works that are a bit more serious than their predecessors.

For example, the latest art from artist David Chapple includes a series of sculptures that he is calling “cooling sculptures.”


The Last Cool Art: The last cool art trend will be around for at least the next 10 years, but we can already see the impact it will have on the art market.

Artists like Ryan Linn are creating work that is both playful and sophisticated.

They are not afraid to embrace new technologies and techniques in their work and are making their art more accessible to the public.


The Future of Art: Artists are creating art that we haven’t seen before.

We are seeing artists use the latest technology to create works that capture the imagination of their audience, which is a trend that is expected to continue.

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